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"I knew I wanted a change, but I felt stuck and afraid to make any big decisions. The unknown felt scary. I so appreciated Becky's logical approach to helping me identify my goals, set deadlines and get to work.

And to learn to trust myself and know my value! I feel empowered and happier."

Sarah | Career + Family Pivot

"Becky is my go to person when I need practical advice. She is prepared, professional, and helpful. She has given me valuable insight in helping me advance in my professional development. She always checks in with me on my progress, encourages me and helps me look at decisions with a new perspective. I would highly recommend Becky!"

Bridgette | Career Pivot

"Becky worked with my team to help them develop both personal and work-related project goals.  We work in a demanding, fast-paced environment and having her guidance in developing concrete steps and timelines for specific tasks made them feel more confident with their daily work and more balanced personally and professionally.  I have been so pleased to see actual changes in my team because of our work with Pivot Partners."

Jamie, Indiana Donor Network

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