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Pivot Partners' mission is simple: to give you the tools, guidance and support to live your best life.

A pivot can be a small change - like creating more "me time" - or it can be a larger effort - like starting a new business! The important part is having a partner to help turn your vision into intentional action steps.


 Your Pivot Journey starts with a Pivot Partner who will walk you through developing your Personal Pivot Statement, setting goal areas and setting actionable timelines using The Pivot Planner.


Whether you work the steps on your own, or take advantage of our one-on-one coaching and small groups, change IS within reach. You deserve to live a happy, fulfilling, well-balanced life!


Success isn't a single, isolated experience. Once you've pivoted, we're here to help you continue to prosper within these new changes. And of course, celebrate you and all you have accomplished!

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Becky Kirby, President

Becky found her passion helping others achieve their goals as a business owner who soon found herself coaching and counseling other women on their start-ups (and often personal goals) on a regular basis.


She's the owner of The Greater Go, a full-service travel agency with a focus on special needs travel, and has extensive experience consulting with nonprofit organizations as they work through pivoting and planning.  It was this work, in particular, that served as a stepping stone toward helping individuals.

After continuing to work one-on-one with people and help them achieve personal goals, she saw a theme among her clients: the search for a change - a PIVOT - in order to live a healthy, balanced, fulfilling life.

Becky's coaching style is personal, down-to-earth, organized and practical. She's the voice of reason when things may seem overwhelming, and a steadfast pillar of support and encouragement. Providing affordable coaching and services is an important component of her work, as is the belief that everyone deserves happiness and fulfillment.

When she's not helping others plan, pivot and prosper, you can find Becky enjoying a glass of wine on her deck in Indianapolis, cuddling with her pup Wrigley, getting in a great workout, traveling with friends, and supporting local businesses!

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