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Your PIVOT PATH will be unique to you! Whether you're looking for group support, one-on-one coaching, or a little of both,  we offer a variety of services and opportunities with the same goal in mind: a happier, more balanced, more fulfilling life for YOU.

A successful pivot starts with a plan! Our Pivot Partners will help you identify your goals, and keep you organized and inspired on your path to meaningful change.






Prosecco & Pivot Workshops

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Attend one of our scheduled Prosecco & Pivot Workshops where you will develop your Personal Pivot Statement, set your goal areas for a specific period of time, and begin creation of your customized Pivot Planner. During this session, you'll meet with a Pivot Partner to design a unique-to-you visionary cover page that will inspire and motivate you to make meaningful, positive changes every time you pull out your Pivot Planner. You'll also connect with others who are ready to PIVOT - just like you! $65 per person

Private Group Event

Invite your friends, employees, Bible Study, Bunco group, etc. to a Pivot Planner event at the location of your choosing where you can plan your PIVOTS together! At this event, a Pivot Partner will lead the group in developing individualized Personal Pivot Statements, setting goal areas, and beginning the creation of a personalized Pivot Planner. Each person will also receive a unique visionary cover page that will help inspire and motivate. $60 per person (minimum of six participants) Ask about upgrading to a Premium Private Group Event!

As you achieve your goals and find meaningful change, support and guidance becomes more important than ever to your PIVOT's sustainability and its long-term impact on your life and happiness. 


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Pivot Coaching

One-on-one coaching sessions will help keep you on track, problem-solve, and empower you through every step of your pivot. Our approach is down-to-earth, personal, and practical. We're here to give you tough love when needed, and we'll always be your biggest cheerleader. Let's meet. $75 per hour

Pivot Pods

Sometimes we find our greatest inspiration through others' stories. Join a small group to find your tribe of like-minded people who are all on their personal pivot journey. Whether you've just begun, or you have a success story to tell, these groups are meant to support, inspire and be FUN!

Pivot Pods Coming Soon - Check back often!


If focused, one on one planning and accountability guidance aren’t necessary for you to make your pivot happen, consider one of our easy and affordable membership levels.  Or, add one of our monthly membership options to your one-on-one experience for even greater success!  Membership provides the opportunity to plan your pivot, earn Pivot Points, and celebrate successes with our pivot community.

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