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The Pivot Planner is your first step in making real, meaningful change and successfully PIVOTING in ways that will make your life happier, more balanced, and more fulfilling!

What makes the Pivot Planner different from other planners?

  • Structured to keep you on your PIVOT PATH. We believe that your PIVOT happens through a series of goals and tasks that are organized in a logical and attainable way. Identifying your goals and the tasks necessary to accomplish them will help you to clearly lay out your roadmap to success – your PIVOT PATH. 

  • Customizable. Your PIVOT is unique to you! Whether you’re seeking a change in your career, your relationships, your finances, your health, etc (or perhaps several changes in different areas!), the Pivot Planner is streamlined to keep you focused and on track. You choose only the sections you need to make sure your Pivot Planner is an effective and powerful resource and tool for change. Plus, the Pivot Planner can be customized to start and end depending on your unique Pivot Path and timeline. (Purchase includes up to 12 months; additional months may be added for an additional fee.)

  • Motivational and Inspirational. A special part of the Pivot Planner is the very first page, which highlights YOUR personal pivot statement and also incorporates visual components (designed just for you by a Pivot Partner when you attend a session, are part of a private event, or schedule a one-on-one consultation) that serve to keep your focus and mind uplifted and engaged as you go through your journey. Think of it as a mini vision board; something you can refer back to when you need a reminder of why you’ve bravely embarked on this PIVOT PATH towards becoming the best you.

Your PIVOT PATH starts with your PIVOT PLANNER. Get started today:


Planner Workshops
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Do you feel blah? Like you’re doing ok but not thriving? Unenergized? Bored? Busy but unbalanced? 


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Photo Feb 04, 9 02 44 PM.jpg

Come and be inspired by our unique and motivational

Pivot Partners Workshop, designed to help you identify the areas of your life where you’re feeling some pain or need a change. Be inspired to set goals and practical action steps in your own identified areas. And create a vision that you can take with you wherever you go to be a constant reminder of what a thriving you will look like! 

During this workshop, you'll be guided through our unique Pivot Planning Process that includes:

  • Identifying where you’re already thriving and few areas in your life where you want to thrive more

  • Creating an inspiring and affirming vision for what your post-pivot life will look like

  • Creating your own personal Pivot Statement

  • Setting goals and starting to set specific tasks and timelines to achieve your goals

Go home from the workshop ready to jumpstart your pivot and make this your best year yet.

After the workshop you will receive your own custom-designed Pivot Board (based on your workshop vision creativity) that you can put on your mirror, bulletin board, nightstand, etc. -

wherever you can see it and be inspired to stay on your Pivot Path to real, meaningful change and a thriving life. OR, purchase the Pivot Planner at the session and your vision board will be turned into your own custom cover for your planner!

Bring a friend or two and support each other every step of the way. You'll also meet and network with other people like you - people who are ready to make a change!

Every session includes a personal bottle of Prosecco to take home.

Learn more about what to expect when you attend a Prosecco & Pivot event:

Check back often for upcoming Prosecco & Pivot Workshops.

Or email to schedule a private workshop for your club, workplace or group!

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