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Let us help your small business or nonprofit thrive! Whether you are just starting your business and need some guidance, are considering one-on-one coaching or leadership training for your staff, or planning a company retreat,  Pivot Partners will create a unique experience for your company. We will provide you with a customized experience and will continue to be your partner for professional enrichment and personal enhancement.

Is Pivot Partners Right For My Business?

Pivot Partners is pleased to offer professional coaching services customized to your company's needs.

We specialize in services for:

  • Non-Profits

  • Small Businesses

  • Start-Up Companies

A successful pivot starts with a plan! Our Pivot Partners will help you identify your goals, and keep you organized and inspired on your path to meaningful change.


Strategic Planning

Pivot Partners will work alongside the leaders of your organization to develop a planning process that is both visionary as well as practical; including strategies and implementable steps that your staff can take to move your organization forward.  We believe that planning is the key to success and that strategic plans are meant to be infused  into daily work; not just put on the shelf for reference.  Let us help you develop a workable plan that your whole team can get excited about. 

Team & Individual Goal Setting

As part of your strategic plan or as a separate effort to give your individual team members specific direction and guidance, Pivot Partners will meet with your team members, help them set appropriate goals (these can be related to the work at hand or can even be personal if you want to show your team some love!) and most importantly, will help them set time-specific tasks related to their goals.  Our priority is that your team takes the steps within their roles to help move your organization forward.  And of course, we think it’s important to celebrate success along the way!

As your business works towards achieving its goals, support and guidance become more important than ever to insure sustainability and long-term business success. 


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Team & Individual Accountability

We all know that setting goals and breaking those down into do-able tasks is only the beginning of success.  Leaders within companies often don’t have the time to follow up with individual employees on their day to day progress and to address any barriers that get in the way.  Pivot Partners will serve as a partner to regularly check-in with employees,  address any changes to goals or tasks, and will connect with leadership/supervisors as needed to communicate any significant changes in direction.  Having someone outside the company to serve as an accountability partner can not only increase internal  efficiencies but also can provide the employee with a confidential partner to help them work through any struggles related to goal attainment.

Leadership Services

From time to time your organization may have vacancies in key roles.  For most organizations, this time can offer an opportunity to review organizational structure, verify job roles and duties and to affirm the skills needed in the vacant role.  Pivot Partners can fulfill leadership duties (we sometimes call it “keeping the plates spinning!” ) while helping you discern what is in the best interest for your company moving forward with any open positions.

Leadership Retreats & Coaching

Is it time to get your team together?  Pivot Partners will work with you to customize and facilitate a leadership retreat that can include team building, leadership topics, engaging activities and personal or professional planning (vision, goal and task-setting).  Take this one step further and Pivot Partners can assess your employees’ leadership skills and prepare and implement individual coaching plans for employees.

"Tangram’s leadership team was motivated and engaged by the team building activities and individual personal and professional vision and goal setting. We are excited to have our new Vision Boards in hand and to begin our work in our Pivot Planners.”

-Sam Criss, CEO of Tangram

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