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The Art of Crafting a Goal

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

As the year begins to draw to a close we all start thinking about what we want to do differently in the coming year; how we want to live our best life. Last month I wrote about the importance of identifying where you are thriving and what areas of your life need attention. (You can read the blog here if you missed it!) If you’ve done that already then you are ready for crafting your goals around these specific Key Pivot Areas. Crafting goals really isn’t all that difficult as long as you’ve done the preliminary work to identify the place you want to be at the end. The trick can be making sure that they aren’t too big or too small; but just the right size for YOU. The important part that I want to drive home and that I tell clients as they are setting their goals is: make it something you can definitively check off once you accomplish it. Here are some tips to individual goal setting that can be applied to your personal or professional life.

  • Significance: When deciding on your goal, make it something that is significant enough that you will want to celebrate once it is accomplished.

  • Size: For almost every goal, there are smaller tasks that will be needed to get you there. If your goal doesn’t require any specific tasks then consider that you might have set your goal too low. Aim a little higher for what your ultimate accomplishment looks like; you want it to feel like a big deal when you pop open the bottle of bubbly to celebrate.

  • Specificity: Make your goal specific. Take words like “more”, “increase”, and “better” and quantify them by using specific numbers. Read your goal out loud. Is there a way for you to identify once it has been completed? See examples below:

Say 'NO' to This:

Say 'YES' to This:

Spend more quality time with my husband.

Plan and go on at least two dates a month with my husband.

Exercise more in 2022.

Join a gym and workout at least 90 minutes each week.

Contribute more money to my retirement fund.

Contribute at least $3000 to my retirement fund in 2022.

Get more involved in the community through volunteer efforts.

I will volunteer for a community event or activity at least one time per month.

  • Duration: I recommend setting a goal that can be attained no more than one year from setting it. In most cases, 3-6 months is the perfect amount of time to do the work and to revisit if the work you are doing is still on track.

If all of this seems like too much and you’re saying to yourself; “but I just want to set a few resolutions for 2022. I don’t want to go through all of this!” How many resolutions have you kept in the past? My process for goal setting and the next part of the process; identifying tasks is a key to success. If you’re ready to get serious this year and accomplish even one big thing, I’m happy to help through a one-on- one session and through ongoing support. Even the smartest, seemingly most successful people have trouble setting and following through with goals and tasks. If it’s something you want let’s work together so you can crush 2022!

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