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Goose Bumps and Great Beginnings

If you’re like me, this pandemic has thrown something in your life for a loop. Owning a travel agency during a worldwide health crisis completely rocked my world and my livelihood. Having no idea when people will travel in any profitable way has left those in the travel world with no answers about when their businesses will begin making money again.

Enter: brain child: Pivot Partners.

In a non-apologetic attempt to earn a much needed income (I’m a single lady, home and dog owner, wine lover, private pay health insurance purchaser), I started really thinking about the moments in my life that have given me goose bumps. If I rewind to my consulting days prior to COVID I still get energized by work that I have done (some with clients and some informally with friends) in encouraging them to make changes in their lives so that they radiate more happiness.

For some reason I have always been tuned in to even the smallest statements that represent something that someone wants more of or less of in their lives to reach a happier day to day life. When I hear these things my immediate internal response is “why not just do it then?” I do immediately see that their goal can be achieved when broken down into smaller, achievable steps. “I need more sun and sand in my life," “I wish I could do more volunteer work," “I’ve always wanted to be a fitness instructor." These are all actually achievable but are also things that we say to ourselves without any real plan for making it happen.

So five years later the same statements are made. I want to change that. I want you to have more sun and sand in your life. I want you to feel the intrinsic benefits of volunteering, I want you to explore being a fitness instructor. I want to help you make it happen. I want to simplify the steps with you. I want to celebrate with you and I want Goose Bumps for YOU.

So, Goose Bumps were my starting point. It’s been a little scary starting this new business (my own Pivot if you will) but also pretty goose bumpy for me. I have some amazing people in my circle and they have encouraged me, listened to all my ideas and told me when I’ve bitten off more than I can chew. There has been a lot of excitement around Pivot Partners from within and outside my circle and now, I’m making it happen. I hope that you’ll join me either for your own pivot or by keeping your ears open for statements from your friends or family who express a desire for something “more.” It is possible. Sometimes, it just helps to have someone help you break it down into small steps and to give you that nudge. Ask anyone who knows me, I’m pretty good at nudging. 😉

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