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Some tough love.

It’s the beginning of the year. You’ve set your goals. You’re DETERMINED to accomplish those goals. You’ve talked to your significant other, your friends, your coworkers. Heck, maybe even some of them have agreed to work on the goals with you. Or to hold you accountable.

Here’s the realist in me… out. In my experience some of your favorite people are NOT the best people to hold you accountable. Maybe your goal is to lose weight by eating healthier or drinking less. Your best friend has even agreed to take the journey with you! But then…it’s a birthday, a new job, a THURSDAY. Woo hoo! We have to celebrate, right?! Don’t a couple of martinis sound amazing? Brunch with bottomless mimosas? Yes please! Both of you can easily cave because really, it’s all about the two of you spending time together and it’s so. much. fun.

But here’s some tough love….with some hope!

Accountability is one of the toughest parts of achieving goals. I’ve worked with nonprofit organizations for years setting their strategic plans and goals only to hear them talk about how it’s so difficult to make these plans a part of their everyday work and achieve actual, tangible success. The same applies to individuals. It’s important to have someone who is invested in you, but when that person is too close, you can be (unintentionally) dragged off of your path. You need an “accountability partner” who can check in on you, challenge you, and push you harder than your best friend will.

Maybe your accountability partner is a group of people that you report back to. Maybe it’s an individual who checks in with you on a regular basis. This is why I’m so excited about Pivot Partners. WE ARE YOUR ACCOUNTABILIITY PEOPLE! Whether you choose to be a Pivot Partners member and have a supportive group to cheer you on and check in with you, or you choose our one on one support, we can’t wait to partner with you in achieving your goals so you can actually PROSPER and celebrate personal or professional success. Let’s do this.

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